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ХАЯГ. Улаанбаатар-51, БЗД-14. Намянжугийн гудамж, ХӨСҮТ-ийн ард 3 давхар улаан тоосгон байшин. "Эрин лайн" компаний байр 101, 201, 303 тоот өрөөнүүд Утас/Факс: 976-11-455088, 99115638, 99105647, 91690664 E-mail: itgelt_estimate@magicnet.mn itgelt_estimate@yahoo.com Web site: http://itgelt-estimate.blogspot.com

Байнгын үйлчлүүлэгчид

Establishment year:

Our company was established in February 01, 1997 named as “Ed&K” CO LTD and began to make estimation on immovable and movable properties as obtained Special Permission which allowed the power to estimate properties issued by The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs and The Ministry of Finance.

In June 01, 2001, the company was united to the “Itgelt Audit” CO LTD and started its activities once re-organized as “Itgelt Unelgee” Center.

Since January 2005, the company has been re-organized and known as “Itgelt Estimate” CO LTD and has run independently.

We have the Special permission to estimate immovable property, machineries and tool equipments.


Business evaluation
Estimate of Immovable property
Estimate of machinery, tools and equipments
Financial consulting on managers
Consulting on taxation
Analysis financial reports
Processing projects, budget, and business plans
Consulting on rights related to the property ownership matters


We have 12 workers and they have very high intellectual potent consists of Doctor and Doctorate of economic, Master of economic and business management, and specialized and experienced in engineering and economy.

They are Mongolian specialized estimators who have been involved in all kinds of required trainings related to property and business estimation through 1998-2001.


1. Estimate of property and business evaluation

Since its establishment, our company has won great results on tenders of estimating and evaluating of immovable properties, equipments and business from The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs and has gained much success on this field.We have established 2 estimation centers in this field and one of them is located on the “DA KHUREE” Technical market and another one is in the down town of Ulaanbaatar.

Following works have been completed in last few years.

(a) Major estimation of property.

Over 300 estimates of property on Mongolian major business entities such as “Erchim Impex” JSC, part of the “Gove” Joint Stock Company (JSC), the “Material Impex” JSC and part of the “Leather Factory”
Property estimation of the “Govi” JSC and the “Chingiss” hotel
Net property estimation of the “Darkhan Electricity Supply System” state running entity
Estimation on 20 buildings of the “Eermel” Joint Stock Company
Estimation on 22 buildings of the Ulaanbaatar Railway which were removed.
Estimation of immovable property of the “APU” JSC
Estimation on the warehouse of National Taxation Office which was recovered on debt duty according to the demand of the State Property Committee.
Estimation on the building of auto school of the Aid Society for Defense.
Estimation on the Japanese invested “SUMITOMO” Corporation, immovable and movable properties of foreign enterprises invested by Russia, China, S Korea and USA.
Estimation of the most common trade centers such as “DA KHUREE” Technical market under the “Da Khuree Trade” CO LTD, Trade Center of Building materials of the “Kharaa Sumber” CO LTD and Bicycle trade Center of the “Turgen Trade” CO LTD.
Estimation on the Freight forwarding companies such as International Freight Forwarding Company “MTT” CO LTD, the Transportation Company “TAV” CO LTD, and the “Bayan Khairkhan” JSC of the Govi-Sumber province.
Estimation of the Oil Reservoir of “Trade Technique” JSC, fuel stations of the “New Mind Technology” CO LTD, “Munkh Khukh Tenger” CO LTD, “Agt Trade” CO LTD and the “ELBAUR” CO LTD.
Estimation on the agricultural companies in farming field such as “Gurvan Borkhuud” CO LTD, the “Tuv Nukhurlul” CO LTD, “Chagtai” CO LTD and the “Ulaan Chuluut” CO LTD.
Estimation of the immovable properties which were under compulsion auctions, and in some cases, we were on over 40 missions for estimation such as trade and service building of the “Altan Shagai” CO LTD, School building of the University of Mongolian Language and Scripts, warehouses of food good bases and the Hotel building of the “Irves trade” CO LTD and the missions were according to the demand of state and other forcible authorities.
We have subjected on over 12000 cases such as all kinds of transport facilities’ damage rate involved in traffic accidents and other machinery and equipments in Ulaanbaatar city region, therefore, we have received much honor from Registration Office of the Immovable Properties, banks, financial institutes, court, prosecutor, police and other legislation institutes. Thus, as we gained good reputation, we can prove our stable and experienced activities and co-operation to them.

(b) In scope of Business evaluation

We made expertise, analysis and made conclusion on the business evaluation of the “KHAAN” bank by the KPMJ Consulting-Barents Group.
Business evaluation of the “Govi” JSC and translated the evaluation report of the “American Appraisal” JSC from English to Mongolian.
Business evaluation of the Nalaikh Power Station.
Business evaluation of the “Mongolemimpex” JSC
Made expertise, analysis and made conclusion on the business evaluation of the “Govi” JSC by the “American Appraisal” JSC
Business evaluation of the “Power and Electricity Supply System” JSC
Business evaluation of the “Shariin Gol” JSC
Business evaluation of the “SEKHSHYUN” Corporation
Business evaluation of the Shastin Central Clinical Hospital
Business evaluation of the “Khotol Cement Shokhoi” JSC
Business evaluation of the Acetylene factory of the “KHAADUUD” JSC
Business evaluation of the “Ulaangom Electricity Supply System” JSC

2. Consulting service

We give following consulting services according to our consumers demands.

Ø Consulting on tax
Ø Consulting on the processing accounting and arrangement of accounting.
Ø Processing projects and consulting on processing projects
Ø Processing business plan and consulting on processing

In instance, we have completed following tasks:

Ø Processed management activity project of the “Autobus-2” and “Autobus-3” companies.
Ø Processed management activity project of the “Ulaanbaatar times” newspaper
Ø Processed management activity project of the ETMSN
Ø Consulting on the defining the real cost of stoves manufactured in scope of the “Stove of Gers” project implemented by the World Bank.
Ø Consulting on the determining whether Value added tax added on the building cost of the Legal Consulting Center built by the “Inkon” CO LTD

Contacts address:

Ulaanbaatar-49, Enkhtaivan avenue 18A/1, Building of the National Association of Mongolian Agricultural Cooperatives /NAMAC/, Rooms: 103, 104, 107. 109

Tel/Fax: 976-11-455088, 99115638
itgelt_estiate@magicnet.mn Web site: http://itgelt-estimate.blogspot.com/

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